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Raw Brine Pickled Watermelon Rinds or half-sours

These naturally fermented brine pickled rinds became an instant favorite in our household. I just love how they aren’t sweet-sour or salty-sour , like most pickles are. These rinds just had a hint of salt too , and when fermented for about a week at room temperature, it’s gets just a little tangy, just the way I like it. My hubby first made this awhile back and I just loved it. It’s kinda chewy yet still a little crispy and it’s not sour like regular pickles. I was addicted to them and couldn’t get enough of them.


A Favorite Raw Herbal Tonic ( ginger, honey, lemon, apple cider vinegar )

( Raw Ginger, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Fresh Lemons, and Raw Honey ) ~ Ingredients are know to be anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, an immune booster, an allergy reliever, and an  energy drink. Ingredients: Raw apple cider vinegar,  unpasteurized ( we like Bragg’s brand, in the glass bottle ) Raw honey ( preferably local if you want […]


Homemade Kimchi and Cultured Vegetables

Raw Cultured Vegetables Recipe : “Salt free fermented vegetables. My 10 -year old loves this so much that he always asks me when it’s all gone, when I would be making it again. ”

Chinese Cabbage Kimchi Recipe: “A typical Korean meal will always be accompanied with Kimchi – fermented Chinese cabbage and/or radish. It’s like German Sauerkraut except that it’s spicier.”


Chia Seed Gel Recipe

    IDY’S CHIA GEL RECIPES   Pulverize the Chia seeds in a Vitamix , Magic bullet blender, or spice grinder. Use the ratio guide below in making chia seed meal gel for different purposes. Let it gel for at least 20 mins. before using. You can keep this gel in the refrigerator for 2 […]


With Love and Blueberries: “Special Diets Tea”

It was a different kind of a Tea at my home this March 3. The Very “Special Diets Tea . Starring: The Raw. The Gluten Free. The Organic. The Dairy Free. The Vegan. It was a bunch of moms with kooky diets get together. We’re kooky indeed & proud of it! Care for some Raw […]